Own a Micro-Organic Coffee Farm

Agriculture Property Management Plan
Upon execution of the Management Agreement between FliptheSea.com and the client, we will begin preparing a comprehensive management plan. This report will serve as our baseline of information from which we can begin developing both short and long-term plans for your farm.       We develop Micro and mid-sized farms. The report will include all information relating to your asset. The initial report includes, but is not limited to, the following types of information: the owner’s goals and objectives, irrigation and drainage improvement analysis, all USDA farm information, Past and future crop plans, professional coordination with attorneys, CPAs, etc., maps and aerial photographs, soils information, operator information, investment analysis, a summary and recommendations.

Organic farming is 22 to 35 percent more profitable than conventional agriculture.

Commerical White Papers
  1. Apiary Income
    Apiary Income
    Incredible profits form Honey and the array of healthy products from Bees and Honey. Highest markup due to medical purposes. To view, you must have the Organic Micro coffee farm white paper.
  2. Aquaculture Income
    Aquaculture Income
    We raise only Freshwater commercial fish. All water from tanks is used exclusively for our farms' irrigation. Harvest yields exceed State, Federal and University standards.